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Logo and Brand Identity

La Hoda is a unique place that offers gluten free bakery and grocery items for people who want to avoid gluten in their diet. Whether you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or simply prefer a gluten free lifestyle, La Hoda has something for you. You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and browse their selection of gluten free breads and cakes, or take some home with you. La Hoda is located in Prague, Czech Republic and welcomes customers from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in gluten free food.

La Hoda is a creative twist on the Czech word ‘lahoda’, which means deliciousness, and gives it a Spanish flair. The name suggests a fusion of cultures and flavors and invites the customers to try something new and exciting.

The brand aims to convey a rustic and pure image, inspired by earth and nature. To achieve this, I created a custom handwritten font for the logo, and added some hand-drawn graphics that express artistic freedom. The font has a rough and organic texture, while the complementary graphics include elements such as leaves, flowers, fruits and cakes. The logo represents the essence of the brand: simple, natural and gluten free.
Style Guide
Color Palette
The colors were chosen also to reflect the natural theme of the brand. The main color is a dark brown, reminiscent of soil and chocolate. The secondary colors are a citric orange, evoking vitality and joy. The colors contrast well with each other and create a harmonious palette.
I created a custom font for this logo and called it 'La Hoda'. This font reflects the company's identity and values. It uses only uppercase letters, except for the letter 'O', which is replaced by a unique graphic element. This element symbolizes the artistic freedom and the creative fusion of Czech and Spanish languages, giving a new meaning to the name as 'La Rueda', which means 'the wheel' in Spanish.
la hoda logo
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